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A lot of people could seal their own areas but the job would have a much more professional finish,  if only they had the right advice. This is where we can help.  With our years of experience and guidance, tool  hire and easy to use flow chart we provide the exact amount of sealant for your project, supplied direct to your door!

What we do. 

  • We call and give you a quote for cleaning and preparing your paving ready for sealing

  • We then give you your price for your kiln dried dansand and sealant 

  • We'll arrange a date to get the preparation done ready for sealing and give you your sealing pack 

  • We'll clean your paving to the required depth using our specially designed machines giving a deep, even clean that isn't achieved by conventional cleaning systems

Your pack contains a simple step by step guide and flowchart to help you achieve the best possible finish

You'll Also Get 

 Kiln Dried Dansand & Brush

Use Of Our Resin Installation Kit  ( saving you over£50)

Use Of Blower Vac


Your Required Amount Of Resin  ( 5% cheaper than resiblock! )

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