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We're a small family run business established in 2002. 

We call on the same day your bin is emptied and clean and disinfect your bin on board our specially designed vans, leaving no mess on the roadside. We charge £3 per clean or £30 a year  (£2.30 per clean)  and clean every 4 weeks.

We do where possible offer a recycle bin cleaning service if enough interest shown in your area.

We have so many ways to pay 

🔘 Pay Online 🔘 Cash On The Day 

🔘 Standing order 🔘 £30 for the year 

🔘 Cheque 🔘 Request bank details

           😉We  also collect every 2 month😉

Compare Our Prices And Our  Methods, We're Simply The Best

  • Add​ 1 to the Qty to pay  (£5)


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